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Our philosophy & Affiliations

In the food business, we believe that trust is earned only over a long period of time by consistently delivering on promises. At Loumidis Foods we are constantly looking around the global food industry for new products and innovative ideas that combine the traditions of worldwide cuisines with modern, eco-friendly packaging.

We collaborate with food manufacturers who share the same values with us and aim to provide high standards of food quality. The result is delicious food products that you can feel good about enjoying.

It is with great pride that we present to you our affiliations from all over the world. Brands and manufacturers that offer great products, great meals and help people feel good, look good and get more out of life!


Our Principles

Nutrition, Health & Wellness
Our goal is to constantly upgrade our consumers’ quality of life offering healthy and nutritional food products which help them support an active way of living.

Quality Assurance & Product Safety
Quality is our commitment. We set high standards for the quality of the products that we manage and we never “negotiate” a trade-off of quality assurance over better cost.

Customer contact & communication
We commit on a sincere, trustworthy communication with our customers which offers them the option to make informative choices in any matter that concerns their nutrition.

Safety & Protection at Work
We commit for our employees’ safety and protection while at work through continuous upgrading of our facilities. At the same time, we constantly maintain all of our assets for optimal condition while at operation.

Supplier Code of Behavior
We demand from our suppliers, our agents, our collaborators and our employees to portray honesty, integrity and ethics during our daily interaction. At the same time, we undertake the same responsibilities towards our customers.