Recipies / Desserts

Caramelized sweet club-sandwich

Preparation time: 40 minutes

 10 mini club biscuit sandwiches

Ingredients for the cream

500ml milk (2 cups)

70g sugar (4.5 tablespoons)

1 egg

30g starch (corn flour) (3 Tablespoons)

15g flour (1.5 kg of soup)

1 vanilla

100g cream of milk

Ingredients for the base

1 package Petite Beurre biscuits

3 oranges

3 bananas

Ingredients for the caramel

50ml water

250g sugar (1 cup and ¼ cup)

Preparation of Club Cream

Heat the milk

Mix in a bowl sugar (70g), starch, flour and egg

Add in the bowl a little of the hot milk and stir

Add the mixture into the boiling milk and stir until it boils. Then let the custard cool.

Beat the cream of milk along with sugar (15g) ,pour into the already cooled mixture and gently stir.

Preparation of Caramel

Melt both sugar and water in a pot, stirring.

Continue in high heat until until caramel gets a golden color.

Immediately place the pot in a bowl with cold water to rapidly bring to cool.

Preparation of Club Base layer

In the hot caramel mix dip 20 biscuits halfway

Let them cool by placing them on aluminum foil

Place on a dish one cool biscuit as a base layer

Spread a layer of cream and on top orange slices

Cover with a non-caramelized biscuit; continue by spreading a second layer of cream and small banana pieces.

Finally, cover the club sandwich with a caramelized biscuit.

Garnish with a leaf of mint on top.