Recipies / Salads

Cretan “Ntakos” (rusk salad)


Ingredients for one barley rusk

1 Kriton Artos barley (rusk)

1 tomato (ripe, peeled and very finely chopped or grated)

Dafni extra virgin olive oil

Xion salt

a sprig of fresh Greek oregano or dried Greek oregano

crumbled Olympus Greek feta cheese or Olympus goat cheese


Loumidis kalamata olives



First hold the rusk under running water in order to make it softer but keep it only or a few seconds.

In a small ball mix the tomato with the salt, some oregano and Dafni extra olive oil.

Place the wet rusk in a plate and then we add the mixture of the tomato, salt, oregano and olive oil on top of the rusk.

Finally, add the feta cheese (or goat cheese), more oregano, capers on top and olives.