Recipies / Salads

Greek Salad


80gr tomatoes cut in cubes

60gr cucumber peeled and cut in slices

50gr OLYMPUS feta cheese cut in cubes

20gr onion in rings

10gr Loumidis Red peppers in slices

A pinch of oregano

4 black Kalamata LOUMIDIS olives

40gr Dafni extra virgin olive oil with LOUMIDIS balsamic vinegar, XION salt and pepper



Wash all the vegetables well. Cut the tomatoes, the cucumber and the OLYMPUS feta cheese in large cubes.

Place in successive layers the tomatoes, the cucumber, the onion in rings, the OLYMPUS feta cheese, the KalamataLOUMIDIS olives and the oregano.

Season with Dafni extra virgin olive oil and the LOUMIDIS balsamic vinegar.