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Νew collaborations with Agrino SA and Sdoukos INc.

Featuring new products:

Agrino Rice & Pulses

Loumidis Foods through it’s exclusive collaboration with  Agrino S.A. introduces to the USA market a series of rice & pulses products, cultivated based on the principles of Good Agricultural Practice.

Due to their high content of complex carbohydrates and dietary fibers, as well as their low fat and salt percentage, rice & pulses can be truly described as "miraculous food".  Enjoy them!

Sdoukos Dry Fruits

Loumidis Foods through its collaboration with SDOUKOS S.A. introduces to the USA market a selected variety of dried fruits.  Whenever fresh fruits are unavailable due to seasonality, or simply due to lack of accessibility, dried fruits can be the best alternative snacks you can have.

Healthy, loaded with fiber and satisfying to eat, choose amongst figs, apricots, pineapple and prunes in airtight sealed bags.