What does
good food
mean to you?
FOOD IS tradition
In the Loumidis family, good food is the root of all our traditions. It all started in 1920 with three brothers in their very own general store in the Port of Piraeus in Athens. Their store was their home, and like you, they selected only the best for their home. They started with their own Loumidis brand of coffee. It became a household name and its parrot logo was instantly recognizable. The success of Loumidis since that time positioned them as experts in the food industry, laying the foundation for the relationships which provide the premium range of products offered by today’s Loumidis Foods. The youngest generation of the Loumidis family continues the tradition and brings Greece’s best brand names in food to the North American market.
FOOD IS memory
Memories of a summer holiday spent under the Greek sun, beside the impossible blue of the Mediterranean. Memories of the first time you tasted the tangy saltiness of a good piece of feta cheese, or the fruity goodness of premium olive oil, or fish, fresh from the sea, and hot off the grill. Memories of recreating those meals in your home and in your backyard, making new memories with friends and family, creating timeless traditions.
FOOD IS health
Many recipes used to produce the food of Greece today reach far back into antiquity. This classic Mediterranean cuisine, recognized for its health benefits, is characterized by simple combinations of ingredients and flavors. Pure, whole foods, simply prepared, served in their most authentic state. Because food shouldn’t just taste good, it should be good for you.
FOOD IS social
Good food is meant to be shared. From classic Sunday dinners, to festive holiday meals, to dinner for two on a weeknight, when we eat together, the food we eat is important. In Greece, we spend hours around the table with our friends and family, where the main course is great conversation, and the side dishes are just good Greek food. So whether you are the cook or the guest, the choice of genuine Greek ingredients are the right conversation starters.