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He's been with Loumidis Foods since1998, he knows every aspect of the company and there is not a single task or job that he has not done before undertaking the responsibility to administer daily operations.  Always friendly, always proactive to solve a problem and at the end a true general manager. In case you feel you need to reach out for him you may email him at: aris.papa@loumidisfoods.com

Adriana Katechis
Sitting right next to Aris and acting as his right hand for many years she effectively manages all imports & logistics as well as coordinating execution of orders in collaboration with Erika and Maria. Due to her responsibilities she is extremely organized, attentive to details and naturally one of the first in and one of the last to leave the office. She can be reached at: adriana.katechis@loumidisfoods.com

Erika Mendoza
Erika has been handling front office tasks, order execution, customer service, organizing daily delivery schedules… you name it!Being with us for many years, she has gained so much experience that naturally she knows what a client expects when we claim that we have “customer service" as our priority in our daily operations. Don't hesitate to ask for her help in order to expedite your inquiry, or execute your order. Reach out for her at: erika.mendoza@loumidisfoods.com


Business Development & Marketing  


Nickolas Nicolaou
To develop business you have to have knowledge and understanding of the market. These are the qualifications that Nickolas has gained from professional experience in 3 continents (Europe, Australia, USA). He strongly believes that Mediterranean Food has an opportunity to change nutrition habits in the USA and he is reaching every major US market to promote our product range. He coordinates with our Sales team and he is also handling all Marketing related tasks.
Contact him at Nickolas.nicolaou@loumidisfoods.com



Vlasis Anastasiou
Head of sales
A true sales manager, the kind who always has the customer in his mind. He thinks sales 24/7 – he visits his market even on weekends and he always spends the extra minute to reach out for his customer in person. He does not like going to extremes and believes that there is always room for negotiation. He is on board the Loumidis team for over a decade and along with Aris they form a very effective duo of administration and sales management. Make the contact and he will be happy to assist you and take care of your needs at: vlasis.anastasiou@loumidisfoods.com

Maria Kalaitzidis
She takes great pride in her work and every day she makes sure that she has contacted her customer list to take care  of their needs. Polite, friendly and a pleasure to talk to she handles daily tasks that pertain to execution of orders and provides valuable support to the entire sales team.
You need to place your order? Contact her at: Maria.Kalaitzidis@loumidisfoods.com

George Kosmopoulos
George is an "old school" sales consultant, the kind thatbelieves more in customer visit and service rather than simply making a good offer. He takes pride in his relationship with his customers and Queens market is familiar with his ethic and his commitment to order execution. He speaks English and Greek. An honor and a great asset for every sales department, he can be reached at: George.Kosmopoulos@loumidisfoods.com

Tareq Zahran
Tareq has been a recent addition to our sales team. Having worked for a long time in the retailer industry he knows very well what our customers expect from us. His diversified background is an asset for our company as he can reach out to our multicultural New York market. Whether it is for halal gyro, or traditional, imported products from overseas. He speaks English and Arabic. Tareq will be happy to address your inquiry at: Tareq.Zahran@loumidisfoods.com


Warehouse & Distribution

Oscar Mendoza
Along with Aris and Vlasis they are the 3 Musketeers of Loumidis Foods, in terms of being the most senior in the company. Oscar and his team take care of imports, logistics, order preparation, warehousing of products and daily deliveries. Without their contribution our sales efforts would be worthless. As a final note, due to his team's work, if you ever visit our premises you will probably feel ashamed to step in…it is that clean! He speaks English and Spanish. He can be reached at: Oscar.mendoza@loumidisfoods.com



Our distribution team, the backbone of our daily operations! Without their dedication and commitment to deliver the order (no matter what) Loumidis Foods would have never earned its reputation for "great customer service".