Recipies / Main Course

Stuffed squid with feta cheese and vegetables


250gr large squids

70gr Olympus feta cheese

40gr Loumidis  red roasted peppers

40gr green peppers

40gr tomatoes

40gr onions

Xion Salt, pepper

30gr Citrano lemon juice

40gr Dafni extra virgin olive oil 


Wash the squid, taking out the intestines and any remaining sand.

Brush them with a third of the Citrano lemon juice.

Stuff every squid with 15 gr of red peppers, 15 gr of green peppers, 15 gr of onions, 15 gr of tomatoes and 20 gr of Olympus feta cheese.

Stabilize the filling with a toothpick.

Grill on a medium heat and season.

Prepare the sauce with the olive oil and the lemon.

When the squid are ready, season with the sauce and serve.